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Please introduce the brand and the idea behind it?   


Hello lash queens, welcome to jwlashbrand!     


The brand originated from being a lash artist myself. I saw a gap in the market to focus on the essential elements us lash artists are constantly seeking: high quality products, affordability, exceptional customer service, and a supportive, empowering community.    


As a one-woman business, I have established a strong brand and community over this past year, building a platform from something we all have in common – our passion for lashes!    


It’s my mission to build a business with a reputation for being reliable, conscious and positive. From the love and care that goes into the packaging, to the tips shared to help every artist strive for excellence. That goal has also inspired plans to bring something new and exciting to the lash industry, with workshops centred around self-love and self-empowerment making an entrance in 2022 (eeek).     


What benefits for our readers stocking/using your products in their line of work?   


All jwlashbrand products are designed following the motto; ultra-dark, ultra-soft and ultra-fluffy - the most important attributes us lash artists consider when sourcing our products! Each tray provides you with rows of dark fluffiness, the easiest foil peel off (so no more residue left on your lash pallet) and consistent, long-lasting curls; that ensure you are able to create full and symmetrical lash sets.      



What sets your brand apart from your competitors?   


jwlashbrand works hard to bring the highest quality products and resources to the forefront of our lashing community. With customers' needs at the heart of everything the brand stands for, it’s an absolute priority that our customers are beyond satisfied with their experience. Sticking to this mantra throughout every aspect of the business, jwlashbrand strives to add a huge amount of value to your lashing business.    


I pride myself on being thoughtful, caring and giving back to customer’s - so head over to the website and grab yourself a FREE social media planner, content calendar and knowledge, tips and tricks on all things lashes! 



Tell us what the brand strives to achieve and it’s values?   


  • High Quality    

  • Women Empowering 

  • Focusing on the foundations   


A core value within jwlashbrand’s mission is to constantly focus on the foundations of what every beauty professional seeks. With an emphasis on the highest quality products, support, education and resources, the brand has been built on the fundamentals of women supporting women. The ambition has always been to set jwlashbrand apart as a business that provides so much more than just lashes. Whether you are at the start of your career or have years' experience, the brand is here to support you every step of the way.   

The long-term vision for the brand is to expand and go global – providing locally manufactured products, value-added content and growing an international community. Maintaining my passion for sustainability and innovation through the use of automation, digital and waste minimising – putting purpose into every facet of the business, spreading the love and care to all of my customers and our planet too.

February 2022 Issue » The Salon Magazine

This brand is my real life baby, I honestly put my heart and soul into absolutely every aspect of the business (which is emotional turmoil btw) especially since I went in knowing absolutely NOTHING about business and when I say nothing.... l mean NOTHING, I had no idea how to build a brand, serve on digital platforms, control the many hats entrepreneurs have to wear and if you had asked me a year or so ago what the algorithm is I wouldn’t of had a donkeys.


The growth and change it takes as a person to become a business owner is what I have found the hardest part. It’s the part that no one talks about. There was a time not to long ago where I honestly wanted to give it all up, I came to what felt like a stunt on growth, I would wake up most mornings and my first thought would be ‘this sh*t is too hard’ I had a million and one things to do and I just didn’t have the energy to do any of them. My brain was at full capacity and at that point I felt like I was failing the business, which was basically me failing me.


I definitely feel that was my lowest point in business life, I remember waving my client off and all of 2 seconds later I was crying to my mum and sister saying that it’s just all too much, talking about how I’m going give it all up, I cried around the dinner table with my best friends when they asked if I was okay, I cried to Sascha most mornings, I cried a lot. I am definitely too sensitive for a business owner I know but, that’s a weakness I’m working on.


And then when I was asked why I wanted to give up my answer was ‘it’s just too much’ ‘it’s just all so hard’ ‘It’s just a lot’ ‘I feel so over stretched’ And I was told that that’s not a good enough reason...and they were right - it wasn’t a good enough reason to give up everything I’ve worked so hard for. That’s crazy.


I have way too much passion, drive and ambition to make jwlashbrand a BRAND. To stand for more than just ‘selling lashes’ I have spend way to many hours gaining knowledge, learning how to juggle this and that, way too many sleepless nights where my minds on overload, way to many hours researching, way to many hours creating mind maps, creating content, optimising platforms, planning for months in advance, to just, stop.


And just when I was about to pull the plug, I got this message....



THANK HEAVENS, have you ever seen that picture of when gold is just behind the wall but the stick person can’t see it, so they give up? or that saying ‘just when you’re about to give up is the time you're about to strike gold?’

well erm, I think that happened AHHHHHHHHEEEEKK


The Salon Magazine represents the Hair and Beauty Industry, supporting businesses improve their salons. The Salon Magazine covers each beauty sector in every issue, with in depth focussed on a variety of topics. A professional journal and a ultimate buying tool for a salon wonder/manager who is looking for new brands that will help develop their business, not to mention that the established magazine goes out to 30,000 Salon and Salon Owners across the UK.


And they approached me, giving me the opportunity to lead the lash focus 😲😲😲


I’m beyond grateful to have been appointed their brand expert (pinch me moment) like that’s a friggen pinch me moment