We work hard to bring the highest quality products and resources to the forefront of our lashing community.


With customers' needs at the heart of everything the brand stands for, it’s an absolute priority that our customers are beyond satisfied with their experience. 


Sticking to this mantra throughout every aspect of the business, jwlashbrand strives to add a huge amount of value to your lashing business.    


Sourced and created exclusively for jwlashbrand our synthetic eyelash extensions are made of a fibre called polybutylene terephthalate (PBT). Consistent, long lasting curls ensure you are able to create full and symmetrical sets. 


Each tray provides you with rows of fluffiness, alongside the easiest foil peel off - so no more sticky residue on your glue stone. 

They’re designed following the motto; ultra dark, ultra soft + ultra fluffy - The most important attributes us lash artists consider when sourcing our products.


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