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Struggling with your lash retention?

Are you using the correct glue for YOU? How are you dipping your extensions?

As a lash artist its vital to consider the factors that may be affecting retention, your relationship with glue being one of them.

It's vital you are using the correct amount of glue to ensure longevity of the lash sets you create. When dipping the extension into the glue, make sure you slowly and gently glide the extension from the centre upwards, covering the extension with a clean sweep of glue (as you can see from the video) be sure to avoid any glue drops that may settle on the extension because this indicates that too much glue is being used.

Fast dipping or scooping the extension into the glue is a big no no and one to avoid as too much glue being applied may damage your clients natural lashes and cause discomfort. The more the merrier is not the case in lashing glue world so finding that perfect in-between is key. On the flipside; not dipping the lash extension into the glue enough will also result in poor retention. You need to find that sweet spot of glue coverage to reach the best retention.

Finding a glue that works hand in hand with you is vital, consider your lashing room temperature, humidity, your working speed, preparation to lash (primer) and your finishing technique (sealants/bonders) - ensuring you do this will allow for your sets to keep a strong retention!

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