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Scale your lash business - maximise your potential!

Social media has had a tremendous impact on the beauty industry in the last decade with no sign of that changing any time soon. It can be a powerful tool that allows you to engage with, and influence like never before. and since you're considering a career in the exciting world of beauty, utilising social media platforms will give you a advantage for the future.

Optimising all social media platforms is a great way to build trust with potential clients, word of mouth being just as powerful but with everything working digitally now people want to see before they buy, especially when it comes to beauty treatments. Which is why keeping consistent on social media is a business must when building your clientele.

Here is a Content Calendar designed for you to stay consistent and organised.. (thank me later)


- Offer a 'refer a friend' scheme, competitions that include following/engagement, this will help grow your social media platforms and push your business to more potential clients.

- Set up a Instagram, Tiktok and Facebook account, all these platforms target a different audience which again will maximise your potential clientele.

- Schedule time to engage, post content and respond to messages, keeping a working balance is a great way to start and set boundaries with your clients. (you don't want clients to think they will receive a reply at 11pm its a noooo from me and honestly you'd be surprised how much they do expect if boundaries aren't set!)

why YOU should choose Self Empowerment?

  • It will encourage you to develop your skills. Knowing where you’re trying to go, you can invest time and resources in honouring the skills and talents necessary to get there (which you are already doing now!)

  • It stops comparison from getting you down. No one is immune to comparing ourselves to others. Especially with social media, but here’s the thing: when you practice self empowerment, you trust yourself, find alternate solutions, and keep it moving sis!

  • It will help you achieve your goals, being empowered means you rarely lose sight of your goals, and you will take the steps necessary to achieve them! And there’s nothing more gratifying than checking goals off your list(which I imagine you are doing today)

  • It will give you confidence. When you approach the world with clear direction and the drive to achievewhat you set out to do, you can’t help but walk with more confidence. You know where you’re going… and nothing’s going to get in your way.

  • And remember, empowerment empowers! It will allow you to empower others. If you start moving with the confidence that comes with self empowerment, your loved ones, your friends, your clients are bound to notice!

You have so much to gain from adopting a mindset of self empowerment, believing in yourself, and showing up as the highest version of yourself!

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