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Lash artist tips for flickering eyes

With being a lash artist myself, I understand how difficult it can be to complete a lash set if your clients are unable to stay still. Working on the eyes requires a steady hand and a lot of patience, and in a perfect world clients would lay still and have a lash nap. However, that is not always the case as a common occurrence us lash artist face areclients who may have fluttery/twitching eyes. Whilst this can be frustrating and may affect the timing of the service, we are here to provide you with advice/tips on how to handle these obstacles.

Being a patient lash artist...

Like we all know a life is a hectic roller coaster and even though us as lash artists can also be considered as councillors, we never know what’s going on in someone’s day to day life that may be affecting their ability to relax, and remain still. If your client comes in uptight or flustered, try and help them to calm down, offer a glass of water and a few moments to realign before you lie them down to carry out the lashing service. Offering time to reset and take a moment, will help to reassure your client that you care about them feeling comfortable and relaxed which is exactly what we want!

Furthermore, self-meditation can really help with realigning you, and your peace – 10minutes a day can set the tone and ensure you remain calm and collected.

Create a peaceful ambiance....

For your lashing environment not only for your client but for you too. If your clients pick up and internalizes the energy that is portrayed in the room, they are likely to relax and unwind themselves. Playing soothing music, having inviting aromas, and lighting candles all set the tone for a restful lashing session – This is key when you are providing a service to the best of your ability.

If your client shows signs of sensitivity when applying pads/ tape, this could be due to them being receptive to the lighting in the lash room. Signals to look out for, are a reoccurrence of watery eyes, twitching or squinting, this will alert you to take action. If you do experience this, try moving your lashing light slightly away from your client so that there is more distance between the light, and their eyes. This will help settle the twitching/flickering.

Offer a silent appointment..

Talking less throughout the lash service can help with clients staying still, and being relaxed. This is because when most people talk (especially if they are very expressive), they are most likely to fidget and move their body or face around, which makes lashing with precision very difficult. A recent service that can be offered to clients are silent or reduced communication appointments. So if you find your client to be overly talkative, then offering the above services will help to advise them on the importance of cutting back on conversations, ensures your work is produced to the best of your ability. And in most case’s you can kindly mention this to your client and they are understanding since they are paying you for the service of their lashes.

Ask away…

Check in on how your client is? Are they comfortable? If your client is fidgeting, moving around or their eyes are twitching, ask them if they are ….? Are the eye pads pinching or sticking in? Is the light too bright? Do they need a pillow for their lower back? Do they need a blanket? Your client may not want to be a burden and therefore, may not voice the discomfort they have until promoted by you. Which also gives you the opportunity to point out if there is any obstacle, that may be affecting your ability to apply the lash extensions, without feeling rude.

Carrying out a lash service, while dealing with a client who fidgets or has twitchy eyes can be difficult as well as quite nerve-wrecking, and this is due to working with sharp tweezers in a delicate area of the face. If you follow these tips when providing your lash service, your clients are likely to feel relaxed and rested calming down their movement. And remember, clients are coming to you to leave with wonderful, full and fluffy lashes!

TOP TIP; By placing a coin using breathable tape (as shown below) to the middle of the eyelid - all movement/flickering is stopped as the slight weight from the coin ensures the eyelid remains fully closed throughout the whole service.

TOP TOP; I recommend using 5ps or 1ps to close the lid, since they are that bit smaller they allow for you to comfortably apply the lash extensions without the coin obstructing you.

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