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Identifying damaged lashes as a lash artist/lash tech

Can you as a lash artist identify damaged natural lashes?

If not, here is our blog to tell everything you need to know!

- Blunt tips

When you notice a straight, blunt tip on the natural lashes—which are usually tapered at the tips) that’s an indication that a lash hair has broken! (It might occur as a result of mechanical forces, like tweezers being used to remove the extensions, or a client chopping off the old, twisted extensions)

- Visible gaps

Even if your client has sparse lashes, the natural lash line won't have any obvious gaps. If odd gaps start to emerge, either the client is toying with her lashes or the extensions are too thick/long for the natural lashes to with stand, which is causing the lashes to fall out prematurely.

- Kinky shape

The removal of the extensions during infill procedures may be the cause of some of the lashes appearing kinked. To avoid damaging the natural lash, remove the outgrown extensions with a gel remover as some extensions may refuse to come off with the tweezer technique.

- Thinning/lighter lashes may be sign of damage, caused by the extensions which are being applied, they are either too heavy or too long for the natural lash to stand.

This is why it's crucial to assess the condition of the natural lashes before you choose the extensions you want to use and the look you want to create.

If you do come across a client who has damaged natural lashes, it may be a sign to make a change!

Here are some suggestions;

Lighten the weight of the lash extensions and reduce the length (this will actually make the set appear darker and denser)

Inform your client about the importance of not picking or pulling on her lash extensions as this can result in permanent damage.

Ensure you are educating your client on booking in for regular infills and upkeep of lash hygiene, wisely recommend a removal if she is wanting a lash break.

Or in worst case scenarios advise your client on having a break for a few weeks which allows the natural lashes to breathe and restore to their original state.

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