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Flat Classic Lashes vs. Classic Lashes

What's the difference between the two - when you are comparing Classic Lashes vs. Flat lashes, both will ensure your client leaves with their desired look but which are better? Well, we are about to dive into the benefits Flat Lashes hold against regular Classic Lashes so you can pick the perfect lashes for you to work with and for your client.

Flat Lashes hold a flat and oval shaped at the base, whereas Classic Lashes have a rounded base (as you can see from the diagram). A flat base means a larger, wider surface area for the extension to bond to the natural lash more effectively. This allows for overall better retention as the Flat Lashes are perfectly shaped to have more contact with the natural lash. Their curve closely hugs the natural lash, creating a better, stronger bond so there is no need for excess adhesive.

Flat lashes (also known as Ellipse or Cashmere Lashes) are intended to be used alongside other extensions to enhance Volume and Texture. They appear denser and more dramatic than a Classic Lash although they carry the same weight. If your client requests a more dramatic look but can’t tolerate the weight of regular Classic lashes, Flat Lashes are a must! Also, clients who have finer lashes can tolerate Flat Lashes without any damage to their natural lashes.

Because of their unique base, Flat Lashes only require a small amount of glue and are to be positioned to the top or bottom of the natural lash to form a strong bond. The flat lash creates more of a wispy eyeliner effect on the eye, whereas the classic lash creates a very subtle natural look. One of the benefits of classic lashes is that they can be placed on the top, side or bottom of the natural lash. Flat lashes can only be placed on the top or bottom of the natural lashes.

- Adhere better to the natural lashes meaning longer retention

- Allows you to create darker, textured lash sets

- Lightweight and comfortable

- Increased eyeline effect

- Minimal glue needed for application

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TOP TIP; Use Flat Lashes for them Kim K spikes in your volume sets (you wont regret it!)

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