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Client; can you do exactly what you did last time, they were my favourite set! Me with my

Flat Classic Lashes are flat and oval shaped at the base, where as Classic Lashes have a rounded base (as you can see from the diagram <<) A Flat base means a larger, wider surface area for the extension to bond to the natural lash more effectively. This allows for overall better retention


Flat lashes are intended to be used alongside other extensions to enchase Volume and Texture. Because of their unique base Flat Lashes only require a small amount of glue and are to be positioned to the top or bottom of the natural lash to form a strong bond. Flat Lashes are less damaging to the natural lash as the base carry's less weight than Classic Lashes.

- Adhere better to the natural lashes meaning longer retention.

- Allows you to create darker, textured lash sets.

- Lightweight and comfortable

- Minimal glue needed for application.

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