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First things first, you don’t want the pad placement to be halfway up the nose, or too close to the water line - find the perfect in between. All you need to remember is to cover the bottom lashes to avoid sticking your client's eyes together!

Apply the gel pads over the bottom lashes, I always then add the tape on top of the pad (this ensures there is no discomfort when taking them off). I find if any eyelash extensions do stick to the tape it’s much easier to remove them from the tape as opposed to the pad.

To reach the inner corners its all about your pad/tape placement. Inner corners are vital in every set you are creating - they ensure the set has fullness! Bare this in mind when applying the pad the natural lashes should lie onto not be pushed up.

If you’ve applied the tape/pad and the outer corners are facing up instead of straight out - it means the outer corner of the pad is placed too high, you can slightly adjust the positioning of the pad (whilst your client's eyes are closed) to make sure the natural lashes are pointing straight out again.


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