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Moving/twitching/flickering eyelids, which can lead to them watering throughout the application. This is due to the fumes from the glue entering as your clients eyes flicker/twitch.

It can make our jobs as lash artists that bit more difficult, especially when precision tweezers are involved. But fear not, this tip should prevent all of that!


FYI, I tend to normally use 5ps or 10ps just because they are that bit smaller, it means you are still able to work comfortably around them.

By placing a coin using micro tape (it’s super delicate on the skin) to the middle of the eyelid - all movement/flickering is stopped as the slight weight from the coin ensures the eyelid is closed fully...voilà!

Honestly it’s a win, win situation! It allows you to gain control over the set you are creating, as well as relaxing your client so they aren’t worried about their eyelids moving too much during the application.

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