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5-day marketing plan

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Struggling to stay on top of your social media?  

Are you finding it difficult to make time to organise your endless to-do list? 

Well, you have landed in the right place! An in-depth FREE 5-day marketing plan designed to excel your business and grow your social media platforms. 

A marketing plan helps you set your business up on the right path to make sure your goals are turned into reality. Think of this as an in-depth guide designed to drive your business in the direction of growth and fulfilling your business objectives.

Without one, things may get a little overwhelming, especially if you are running your own business and haven’t yet got a team behind you.



Plus, it's nearly impossible to put a number on the budget you'll need to create for the projects, and potential outsourcing you'll need to do throughout the year if you don’t plan for it. Like they say, setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.


Keep in mind there may be variations to the marketing plan you need, depending on your industry and your goals. To make your plan creation easier, we've put together a to-do list of what to include in your five-day marketing plan. Each day of the week targets a specific subject to allow your full focus and undivided attention. Consisting of Plan, Play, Connect and Services.


Oh, and don’t forget to hop over to our Content planner template to plan your 30-day social media schedule.


Here’s our guide on how;



Monday - Plan - Setting the tone for the week is key to consistent work!

01 – Plan your week, create & schedule 3 - 10 posts.

02 – Plan all activities - (stories, collabs, giveaways etc.

03 – Create a mixture of Micro and Macro content schedules.

04 – Post with value. Use content pillars to plan this (Educational, Relatable, Inspiration, Motivational)

05 - Make sure your planned posts are relevant, what does your ideal audience want to see, need and expect of you?


TuesdayPlay -  Enjoying what you do plays a huge part in longevity + commitment.

01 – Let your personality shine through, create and plan fun content for the next few weeks.

02 - Think meme's, quotes, reels, infographic's, video's, Tiktoks, quotes

03 - Research what's trending? tiktok, audio's, viral moment, pop topic's, what's everyone talking about?

04 - BATCH create and have fun with it, let your creative mind run wild!

05 - Seeking inspiration is a great tool when you put your own spin on things and remember, success holds clue's!


Wednesday Connect - Building a community, building relationships, building rapport.

01 - Reply to all comments (Re-engaging is something Instagram favours)

02 - Reply to all DMs (scheduling time for this helps with creating your own working boundaries)

03 - Reconnect with your current followers who don't engage as much as they used to.

04 - Follow up with people who seem interested in your services.

05 - Reach out to 5 new people and introduce yourself!

ThursdayServices - Why YOU? What's your USP? What sets you aside from others?

01 – Are your services still suitable for your target audience? Work on building your knowledge expansion

02 – Do you need to change/update anything? (prices, policies, offers?)

03 – Brainstorm or work on your next step, (what's your USP? what can you do, no one else has?)

04 – Plan any upcoming promotions/giveaways? What's coming up? Valentines, Galentines, Easter, Summer?

05 – Booking system, website, payment options - does anything need improving?


FridayAnalyse - Get your business hat on and get stuck into figures.

01 – What's your reach this week? how many of those were followers? how many were new accounts?

02- Check your insights and statistics for the week, how has it differed to last week?

03- What did well? didn't do so well? (This means for your next week planning you can create more of what did do well!)

04- Compare (this is the only time I will ever use this word) and only to your previous week - what's different? what's changed?

05- How many people have you reached? how many of those were new accounts?

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